Ksenia Schnaider
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FASHION BECOMES MORE POLITICAL than ever in history before. I am not sure I like it, but I use my collections to express my statements anyway. I did “Corruption” embroidery for our fall/winter 2013-14 collection and when the collection reached the stores, a revolution started. So a lot of Ukrainians bought the sweatshirts and caps to fight at Maidan and at the same time my Instagram feed was full of pictures of IT-girls wearing that line to private dinners, front rows and parties. -
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THE LOST SPIRIT OF SOVIET LIFE AFFECTS ME, even though I do not realize the full extent of it. I think I am able to create something understandable worldwide but my designs always have a hint of nostalgia, even something orthodox mixed with modern Ukrainian clichés. I cannot close my eyes and pretend that I don’t see reality. I am confused how most Ukrainian designers can do so. I describe our everyday environment as “ugly beauty” and I work with it in my studio, trying to transform it into “flawless beauty”. - PF
Ksenia Schnaider SS14 dress on Marina
Ksenia Schnaider @ Asthik store (Kiev)
Ksenia Schnaider corner at Asthik store (Kiev).
Ksenia Schnaider skirt
Ksenia Schnaider camo skirt 
Ksenia Schnaider SS14
Ksenia Schnaider is available at Asthik Store (Kiev).